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Thread: Prayer shawl?

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    Yay! I knew someone would be able to explain it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selah View Post
    Sad Eyed Lady, this is indeed a tallit (aka tallis), which is a Jewish prayer shawl. The writing is in Hebrew, and is a portion of the standard blessing one recites before putting on the shawl to pray. In phonetic Hebrew, it reads "Asher kidishanu b'mitzvotav, B'tzivanu l'hitateif b'tzitzit," which roughly means "Who blesses us with these mitzvot (plural for "mitzvah") and commands us to wear "tzitzit," or the prayer shawl." The buildings are probably representative of Jerusalem, although the windmill is a rather unusual addition to a cityscape featured on tallit, or possibly Amsterdam, where there was a thriving Jewish community.
    Thank you so much Selah! The windmill was what was throwing me too, have never seen one on a tallit. Do you think with the use of sequins this would be meant for a woman rather than a man? I am not sure of the material but think it may be raw silk.
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