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Thread: looking at a Forester next weekend

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    looking at a Forester next weekend

    I went looking and found a Forester that I am interested in. A 2007 that looks very clean and is a manual transmission. I texted the owner and am looking at it next weekend. I can buy it cash from my savings and then sell my Honda CRV and replace all or some of the money.

    The last time I intuitively bought a car I was super happy with it for many years, actually that is how I tend to buy cars and do well.

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    Oh... T-h-a-t kind of Forester!

    Ya know, a Forester coulda denoted a moth with 2 white or yellow spots on each wing! <wink>

    Up in the north woods we sometimes have a guy walk into a tavern, seeking a logger.

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