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Thread: Any non-movie watchers out there?

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    Any non-movie watchers out there?

    I know I must be in a very small minority - but I am just not a movie goer or watcher, with one exception - an occasional documentary on Netflix. The once or twice I go to a movie every couple of years - I see the previews and think, nope, no way, no way in hell, am I wasting my time watching this or that.

    My wife and dd's LOVE movies - have an extensive DVD collection. And make plans to see the openings of the new movies. They quote movie lines and the others yell the name of the movie it was from and all laugh! But their movie love does not convert me over to their side. Just no interest.

    I have tired to pin it down, but I think the biggie is the time commitment, the current movie trends and my basic dislike for the whole celebrity obsessions in our society.

    Am I alone in this? ;-)

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    There are movies and tv shows that I have wanted on DVD. Most I never watch more then twice, because I remember so much of them. (examples, Coupling the series, The Millennium series, The Accountant)

    In 1987, I payed to see a movie that keeps me out of the theaters more often then not. (I think I have seen 10 movies in the theater since 1987). I've done Redbox, four times ever, and before Blockbuster closed, I went there looking for old movies (example Absence of Malice). I did watch more movies in the last year, since I was working 80 hours a week. (days off I couldn't hardly get out of bed, and a lot of times the weather was bad when I was off) Culturally, I miss a bunch of references (one gal I know, couldn't believe I had never seen Dumb and Dumber when a Mutt Cuts van was in our lot). I also have had a few try to make me sit through things, and I don't make it (most of the new Star Wars, some new Family vacation thing, Aquaman most recently). Once in a great while, some remake will interest me (saw Going in Style to compare to the old George Burns movie), and that was like two different movies entirely.
    I tend to like more "documentaries" (can't really call what Hollywood does Documentaries), like Unbreakable (although the book was better). When I looked for Desmond Dosses movie, I found an actual documentary on him, with him and several of the soldiers. (prefer those)

    I fall in between the two.

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    Not a movie watcher for a few reasons: would rather do something productive, don't have the attention span, and I am empathic to an extreme so that every thing I watch feels to me that I've personally experienced it. This often leaves me unsettled for a few days.
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    I haven't been to a movie theater since Titanic came out. I'll borrow the occasional movie from the library, mostly in the winter, but we probably only see 3 -4 movies a year if that. I would just rather read a book for the most part.
    I recently said to DH that we could probably store the TV away and only take it out when we want to watch a movie. It isn't terribly attractive and it's a pretty small one. We put the toaster away in between uses, and we use it a lot more often.

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    I haven't been to a movie theater or borrowed one from the library since I was in my teens. Occasionally, I will watch a movie when it's shown on TV, but those are usually the very old ones.
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    Yes. Much prefer books. I’ll watch occasionally things longer than an hour on PBS, but that’s about it.

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    I'm not much for movies either. I don't sit still very well. We tend to go to the theatre to see Pixar movies. We do enjoy them and I can't really get up and leave the room to do something else.

    Movies at home? It' might take me 4h to watch a 2h movie for all the times I hold to leave the room and do something else.

    Owning movies? I rarely watch a show twice. The only ones I have were gifted........

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    Here! I like documentaries, but rarely a movie. Probably because I'm not a fiction buff. I occasionally enjoy one that is pure escapism--like Men in Black--but please don't ask me to watch some impenetrable "film" and discuss its nuances afterwards. Like Tradd, I'd rather read a book.

    ETA: I'd probably enjoy Pixar--talk about escapism, and animation is a delight these days.

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    I may see one movie a year. I'm pretty picky about spending that kind of money and time. So it has to really pique my interest. This Sunday, our little local indie theater is showing this 2017 film, "Neither Wolf Nor Dog" (anyone?) and I hope to go see it:

    As for tv, I do not usually have possession of the remote at home, nor do I care. Don't subscribe to any premium channels or Netflix. My DH likes sappy Lifetime and Hallmark movies. I find something else to do if he's watching one of those---in another room.

    ETA: Forgot....I do see several Pixar and Pixar-like movies per year, because no one else will take my grandson.
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    Me. It sounds like I see more movies than most of you do, largely because it's my entertainment of choice when I'm doing apheresis (beats watching daytime TV for the couple of hours). So that's maybe half-a-dozen movies a year. The last movie I saw "in the chair" was "A Star Is Born", which likely would not have interested me (fourth-time remake? really??) except for the positive reviews it got and the novelty value of watching Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper do something much out of their elements. The one before that was Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs", which was a Wes Anderson movie through and through (you like them [I do] or you walk away muttering, "Huh?"). I think the last really good movie I saw in the chair was Captain Philips (so it's been a while). When I donate, I pore through what's available at the two Redboxes nearby and there is so little that appeals.

    DW and I don't commonly see movies in theaters. She claims to not have the attention span to sit that long; I find most of the premises and execution just unappealing; the more so when it's presented at ear-damaging volume and with commercials I can at least avoid at home. I can't recall the last movie we saw in a theater. A good movie is a wonderful story. But I don't often find myself with the need to be entertained that often for a couple of hours at a time. I'd much rather do a bunch of different things.
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