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Thread: New parent for summer preaching to me

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    New parent for summer preaching to me

    Oh dear, i had a new parent come and register her child for my summer camp. She was super nice and i invited her and her daughter to stay awhile to get to know some kids. While we were chatting and watching the kids she started talking about her church and inviting me to it. I have had parents bring up things like this and simply say no thank you. Sometimes that i am not christian. She kept talking to me about it, obviously passionate about it. Pretty soon there were kids who needed attention,

    Well we will see how this goes.

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    There are those who feel the need to preach/sell to anyone they meet.

    Turns me off too. But I am sure that something like, I dont discuss religion or politics at school said with a smile, might work but have to be repeated often. I also would leave out your religious preference for or against. It just causes more issues.

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