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Thread: How did your taxes turn out?

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    A few years back, when the withholding started changing, I put that "extra" money, into savings (verses most I know that just blew it). Last year, my refund was a bit higher, but my income nearly doubled. That refund just goes into the property tax fund. My state refund, tends to go from having a bill of around $20, to getting a refund of around $20. I wish I could get withholdings done easily enough (not having to change it multiple times a year for the calculation/accountant expense to the business), to have my federal taxes at that point.

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    We always have more withheld as I hate paying anything back. That said, we got less back this year with no changes. My turbo tax was only 49.00 for both federal and 1 state.
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    For the first time in my life, I was Even Steven with the IRS....didn't owe a penny, nor did they owe me. Wow, I don't know how I pulled that off! Part of me was a little bummed as I remember dearly loving those huge refund checks from my serving days when I'd claim zero and worked at places that put your charge card tips on your check - meaning a bigger check and money to be withheld so I wouldn't live in fear of the IRS. But then again, I'm glad to not be giving the government an interest free loan - but then with my Medicaid participation on again off again I feel bad for thinking that, so who knows?

    I am getting $25 back from Arizona, so that's nice......Rob

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    I had the accountant die... tried turbo tax and was glad I found a new accountant because instead of needing to write a $1800 check I'm getting a little back... enough to pay the $250 state tax we owe because Missouri gave everyone a state tax cut then realized they cut too much.
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