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Thread: Needy, whiny cat

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    Removing a cat’s claws is a bad idea as it makes their behavior worse and can also lead to the cat not using the litter box anymore. We had a cat that we used a spray bottle of water to discourage bad behavior and it worked.

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    My fat lump of a cat is weeks away from turning 17 years old. She doesn’t use the litter box, and we have come to an agreement that she will urinate on a towel which is very absorbent so I guess that works until she goes to kitty heaven.

    She is always been needy but not demanding, if that makes sense. She plops her fat self down and leans against me when I am in bed and it’s like having a 70 pound person pushing against me. She is only a little cat but fat, but she’s not 70 pounds.

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