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Thread: geez, Easter overload

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    JP, thatís funny. I have a Jewish friend and we were talking about religion and that they donít believe in s afterlife so all your good works should be done in this life. I thought that was great. I was raised Lutheran and during our 3 year weekly class that led to being confirmed the minister said not to take the Bible literally. He said it was a bunch of stories to teach uneducated people rules to live by. He explained when it was written most people couldnít read or write. My mom was furious when I told her. I baptized my kids to appease family but didnít make them suffer through Sunday school or confirmation.

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    but...but... if you celebrated bunnies and spring at actual Equinox, that would be referencing pagan religion! (You can always get offended if you're looking for offensive stuff.) Personally, I'm happy anytime anybody is kind enough to wish me "happy" anything.

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