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Thread: May Purge

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    I am attending out-of-town flower show training, and I took about 25 iris rhizomes - nice ones not crap – to give away and I rid myself of all of them.

    I put a notice out on Nextdoor to my neighborhood and three nearby neighborhoods to go and dig the iris left in my spare garden. There are hundreds of them. A few are in bloom, most are not.

    We are going to start mowing that lot next month So I want to see all the iris out of there. I suppose I can open it up to craigslist, I’ve done that before, but I am afraid what the unleashed hordes will leave.. I am trying to get a notice out to my Iris Society but my email program won’t push an email out to everyone so that is too bad. This week in his prime time to dig.

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    2 more bags to the thrift store today.

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