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Thread: We Talked to the Wood Stove Folks Today

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    We Talked to the Wood Stove Folks Today

    We were all set with the idea we'd buy a propane heater, maybe next year as a supplement to the wood stove. It has become quickly apparent that the wood stove on its own isn't going to work. It's too messy, too physically hard, and requires a lot of monitoring and maintenance. Fine.

    So we were set on the idea of a propane heater. We have in the basement, turned off, a propane furnace, the 2nd one this house had. I hate it because I'm allergic to dust mites and it's unconditioned space in our basement/crawlspace. So, although I have allergies year 'round anyway, turn on the furnace and I'm worse.

    So, the propane furnace. We can put it on the first floor, it uses a simple fan (MUCH easier to clean!)

    But, but, we may buy a mini split instead. It heats and cools. Theoretically, you can run it from a solar panel too, which means you supply the power, the equipment, and it provides heat to -15 and cools as well. It's expensive (of course) but we were also talking about getting smaller minisplits to replace the air conditioners already.

    We'll have to win the lottery to afford it before 3 years from now, but that's what dreams are, right?

    I love the idea, esp if we can power it with our own solar. Power outage? No problem. Hot? No problem. Cold? No problem. Nothing to haul, nothing to light, no smoke, no dust to speak of.

    I want!!!

    And there's just no way in H we can afford this.

    I will have to find a way. We need a roof fixed first. That's likely to be about 5k.

    Need to figure out how to make this happen.

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    Hmm. I love how creative you guys are with your off-grid solutions!! I want to move toward that in our Vermont house. We have fantastic southern exposure and the house is small.

    Here is a video that came up on my FB feed today about a designer who built the COOLEST passive & solar house. He has fantastic ideas--and he also has a boat propane kitchen solution.

    Check out the video--it's a little long, but his ideas are so interesting, you want to keep watching just to see what else he did!
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    New Gig - check into rebates from power company and on state taxes. We got a mini-split that was over $3000 but ended up costing $1200 with rebates.

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    i will, thanks!

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