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Thread: On-line selling scam alerts (Craigslist, etc)?

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    Well, I'm experiencing this. The buyer for the bedroom set I mentioned above was adamant that she was coming at 10am on Wednesday--and she never showed up. I texted her twice, no answer. I had another offer for the same bedroom set and she wanted to pick it up in two weeks, so I told her in order for me to hold it for her, I had to have her come and look at it, be sure she wanted it, and pay for it. I never heard back from her.

    So another guy just asked me about it, so we'll see what his deal is.

    This isn't going as smoothly as I thought. DH is getting depressed and overwhelmed. So am I frankly, but I refuse to give into it. Plus these are the two busiest work weeks I've had all year.
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    Any offers from OfferUp and did you put it on Nextdoor or Letgo? I use them all. It can take awhile to sell. I would reduce the price if not sold in 2 weeks.

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    Catherine, that’s the other thing. Never agree to hold anything for anyone. First come first served. If someone wants to come a week from now your response should be ‘it may be gone by then, check back with me that day.’

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