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Thread: Happy Vesak Day!!!

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    Happy Vesak Day!!!


    We had a beautiful holiday! I took 8 precepts in the morning with a small group (was released to my normal 5 at the end of the day so I could eat dinner!). We had a meditation a lovely dharma talk by the Sri Lankan bikkhuni in her 80's. I spent some time with the kids. Of course great food, always great food. The family that had a baby blessing last year was there with the cutest baby every. He let me hold him and was a ball of baby chunk. Reminded me of my kids. I rarely know the names of everyone honestly but we remember each other and I got hugs and smiles, and held the baby.

    If you want to know more about it and the precept thing let me know

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    Happy Vesak Day!

    I saw an item that on May 19 in Singapore the Tibetan Buddhist temple marked Vesak Day by inviting pet owners to bring in their animals to be blessed. At the same venue 6 animal welfare charities conducted an adoption drive for stray cats and dogs. Approximately 800 devotees attended.

    The temple's spiritual director, Singha Rinpoche, told The Straits Times the ancient practice was to buy and release animals on this day. But to do so is actually not good for the environment. "It is so much better if we can feed and rehouse strays."

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