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Thread: Powdered bone broth - yea or nay?

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    Powdered bone broth - yea or nay?

    Is this stuff the latest gimmick or is it really good for you? DH brought some home from someone at work who had a package of Dr. Ax's vanilla bone broth protein. I was thinking it might be an easy way to ensure adequate protein in our diets.

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    Humble opinion is that the benefits of bone broth itself are way overstated based on what I've looked up. I use a powdered protein that is plant based and would speculate that if you compared labels it would have more nutrients and amino acids. Then again, that's coming from your basic vegan. I think most people in the carnivore realm already get enough protein. My basic guideline is something like 50-60 gm per day. If I have a protein shake with almond milk for breakfast, that's 20 or more grams to start the day.

    Thinking about it and from what ever current health science seems to say, people should be more concerned about where their fiber is coming from.
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    I like bone broth full of collagen, fat, and minerals, made in my Instant Pot or by a slower method. I would be skeptical of a highly processed version.

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