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Thread: What to eat when you don't feel like cooking

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    I finally have a vegan dish that tastes like something! falafel tortillas! And I now have a reason to to to Trader Joe's. I had this dish in the airport in Bucharesti.


    1 Trader Joe's Frozen falafel

    1 tortilla (I use small, Mission brand whole wheat tortillas)

    mint sauce: home made from garden mint,cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, salt


    Microwave the Falafel, smash it onto the tortilla, add mint sauce. Done! This is 5 Weight Watchers' points.

    One could add diced tomatoes, I suppose, but I like the the fact that this is one dish without tomatoe. We have tomatoe overload here (bushels.)

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    We are thawing and reheating soup I made last week when I cleaned out my husband's bean bed. We grew everything in the soup except the onion, and gleaned the last of cabbage leaves, carrots, collards, bean pods,cherry tomatoes, last of the red fingerling potatoes, the first of the frozen tomato puree from when I was processing a zillion tomatoes. When I make soup, I freeze at least two more containers and then have dinner and lunch next day.

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