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Thread: What to eat when you don't feel like cooking

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    Cheese and apple

    Peanut butter eaten out of the jar (fresh spoon each time)

    Mustard sardines eaten out of can (herring will do)

    Soup microwaved and put into my travel mug

    Beets with balsamic vinegar spinkled on them

    Granola bar and whatever fruit is in the house

    Yogurt and banana (a favorite combination)

    Cheapo homemade trail mix with peanuts and raisins

    These involve cooking, but so simple:

    organic eggs over easy w/ toast

    Ramen noodles w/ frozen vegetables and shrimp added at end of cooking

    grilled cheese, bonus if there is a tomato on it

    Ummm....looking around....why is my list so much longer than anyone elses?
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    Cheese, crackers (or good bread), and fruit. Always a favorite.
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    Crackers and cheese is a go-to for me, too.

    Yogurt -- sometimes with fruit and/or roasted millet mixed in.

    Cereal. When the family is away, I will sometimes have cereal for dinner days on end.

    Egg or tuna salad on toast or crackers.

    Pasta with pre-made sauce.

    In the US, canned soup -- too expensive here.

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    I've been having a little yogurt and granola almost every night. Trying to not keep ice cream in the house much anymore because DH just can't eat it but will if it is there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg44 View Post
    Ice cream out of the carton while leaning against the kitchen counter -- and I wonder why I am over weight?!
    Cold Cereal
    Microwave Popcorn
    Cheese & Crackers
    Peanut Butter/Jelly on crackers

    Float on -- McD french fries are ALWAYS tempting!
    YES!!! Gregg44. I had that situation last night and if it were just me I'd choose cereal but we ordered pizza.

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    cream cheese seasoned however you like, garlic, herbs, pepper, and crackers.

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    Corn chips and salsa
    Raw veggies with a little Ranch salad dressing
    Frozen whole wheat waffle, pop in the toaster, eat with peanut butter and maple syrup
    Ice Cream
    Canned soup and crackers
    Frozen pizza
    Omelette - quick and easy to make, throw in cheese and whatever else sounds good
    PB&J sandwich or cheese sandwich
    Oatmeal or cereal
    Bread & butter
    Fried egg on toast

    I must say I rarely eat some of the things on the above list, but when in a pinch any of them will do.

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    Cold cereal and milk
    English muffin with peanut butter
    Mac n cheese from a box
    Cheese and crackers
    Frozen peas
    Any kind of crusty bread with olive oil (and maybe some balsalmic vinegar)

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    If we're just talking simple meals, a piece of fish or meat isn't that hard (provided it is on hand and doesn't need defrosting),just plain with salt and pepper. I like to saute some greens with it, that isn't that hard either but sometimes I'm too lazy for even that. Or ground beef (already ground) or cheese in a taco isn't hard either. Pasta isn't hard IF you already have the sauce for it and just have to boil noodles (I often have pesto in the freezer and I'll add a can of tuna). I wouldn't mind keeping marinara in the freezer either (I'm slightly obsessed with the freezer at present I think. I can cook now and eat it later - wow what a revelation). Sometimes I've just eaten pasta with olive oil and fresh herbs (could just be parsley if that's all you have). Oatmeal isn't hard (unless your doing steel cut of course).

    If no cooking at all then a banana and nuts or seeds is always good, heck a banana all by itself is pretty good! Yes, peanut butter straight out of the jar perhaps combined with marmalade or something straight out of the jar is good (bread, who needs bread? I seldom actually keep bread on hand is the problem there). Yogurt is also good. Yea I will eat fish straight out of the can when desperate (tuna or sardines). Canned soup is really a last resort but I have Anne's Organic vegetarian soups on hand most of the time. Um I don't usually keep ice cream on hand
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