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Thread: Plant milks?

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    Plant milks?

    Lately I have been drinking plant milks instead of cow or goat milk.

    And I can tell you, they have made some major progress in the flavor and texture of these plant milks.

    I tried oat, almond, cashew, macadamia, soy, etc. and their various blends.

    But the one that I like the most is this cannabis milk! So yummy!

    It is made by a company called Living Harvest Tempt

    Anyone one else had it?

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    My husband drinks almond milk because he has become lactose intolerant.

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    My husband and son embraced almond for awhile. Was just too watery for me but I could take it on cereal. Now that we no longer eat cereal or anything one might think needs a glass of milk on the side, it is boring old water for us. We do get free regular milk from Meals on Wheels and occasionally bring that home to make smoothies.

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    I don't drink milk at all, but DH is a big milk drinker and has tried most of the alternatives out there. We'll have to be on the lookout for cannabis milk!

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