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Thread: RFID protection

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    RFID protection

    So many products feature RFID protection that I did some research to see if RFID is credible, useful and technologically feasible or the alternatives. Not really helpful despite some sales tactics that I encountered. Wrapping aluminum foil around the items is equally useful and few of the current credit cards use the particular chip.
    Thought others might find this interesting.
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    Glad I read this article. Thanks!

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    I bought a new wallet about a year ago on Amazon and all the options included RFID blocking. This paragraph from the article describes my annoyance perfectly:

    RFID blocking wallets also block the cards you want to be read remotely by scanners, like Oyster cards or contactless bus passes. In this case, RFID blocking technology becomes a hassle and an inconvenience–made all the worse by the fact that “skimming” crimes have never actually been reported.

    Until I quit my job last week I used an RFID chipped transit card at least twice a day. There's an outside pocket on the wallet specifically for a card, where I keep the transit card. In my perfect world that outside pocket would not be RFID protected, but everything inside the wallet would. But alas, the entire wallet is RFID protected. Neither my transit card nor my work keycard would work through it.

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