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Thread: Women in the Fire Service

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    Women in the Fire Service

    I spent today running the skills/aptitude/agility testing for an open full-time paid position for Firefighter/EMT in the department. It's pretty brutal - pure strength and bulk help, but it can be conquered with skill and knowledge and technique. Endurance is a must.

    I was pretty darned pleased that a young lady was one of the top finishers during the physical part of the testing, she'd clearly busted her ass to get to that point (I've seen her just killing herself all year at the gym at the station), and her technique and efficiency were a marvel to watch.

    I'd totally go into a burning building with her. And we didn't dumb down the test so everyone could pass. This was the standard set of NFPA national-level tests.

    She was especially good at the leadership and command tests.

    I was pissed though at some of the male applicants, who were relying on pure strength and an attitude of "I'm a dude, I know how to do this" but who hadn't done their homework. I had to fail a couple of them because they did disqualifying unsafe things, especially when subjected to a bit of pressure.

    Anyways, great to see the fire service becoming less of a boys-club.

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    Great to hear, and to learn a little more about who protects us. I am glad it takes brains and technique as well as strength

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    I'm glad to hear this--and glad there was no dumbing down involved.

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    If her name is Erin R. she may be my niece. She's in the field and has begun her own leadership program.
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