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Thread: Long distance walking?

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    Just came back from our walk in really strong winds. To avoid the wind, I decided to explore a new large townhouse condo survey that I drove through about 9 months ago. It looks like a prison with dark grey identical units all in a double row in a large oval with inner circle looking out and the outer circle looking in with the roadway between. They are priced at around $500,000 with a garage, one bedroom and 10 foot square patio. It is completely sold out with the final units to be completed this year. They will be brutally hot as no space for shade trees and a breeze will be blocked by the design. Two more similar townhouse condo developments in different parts of this town for the same price.

    Walking is a good way to explore and look as though you are doing something valuable.
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    Ah, I hope you can, oldhat!!
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