Thanks all, I did cut before prewashing because it was 13 yards. I have used smaller amounts of the same fabric and I know it needs to be ironed pretty well after a prewash. However I didn't notice the extreme shrinking before. Many people on retreats have some chemical sensitivities so I prewashed with fragrance free everything. Yes, it was JoAnns! Gardnr I am going to watch that. I like your idea, that is about what I was thinking.

But good news, one is that with some decent sleep, food and an intention of turning off all the excessive input for awhile I feel MUCH better. The drive to the center includes a long time with no cell phone service, ie no pandora station. Driving in silence is really helpful.
The other good news is that I can make this work. I went up to the center this morning and put up the hobbit hole curtains, I love them. The teacher who I have been coordinating with was there and he really liked them too. I put up the long narrow window curtain in the office and then a bathroom. The bathroom has small brass hardware on the window. When I was looking around it was hard to find hardware I thought would work well. I ended up with brass cafe rod holders and a plain wooden dowel. I really like the simplicity. I left my phone in the car since a retreat was in progress and so I don't have photos.

I then went back to the 4 windows with the center caretaker and we talked it through (whispered it through). I am using simple cafe curtain hardware and a wooden dowel. I feel really good about the plan, and I am going to go back Monday night with the curtains. The manager said the retreat will be done so there will be extra food too.

Thank you friends, much metta