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Thread: fabric shrunk 5 inches!!

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    Thanks all, I did cut before prewashing because it was 13 yards. I have used smaller amounts of the same fabric and I know it needs to be ironed pretty well after a prewash. However I didn't notice the extreme shrinking before. Many people on retreats have some chemical sensitivities so I prewashed with fragrance free everything. Yes, it was JoAnns! Gardnr I am going to watch that. I like your idea, that is about what I was thinking.

    But good news, one is that with some decent sleep, food and an intention of turning off all the excessive input for awhile I feel MUCH better. The drive to the center includes a long time with no cell phone service, ie no pandora station. Driving in silence is really helpful.
    The other good news is that I can make this work. I went up to the center this morning and put up the hobbit hole curtains, I love them. The teacher who I have been coordinating with was there and he really liked them too. I put up the long narrow window curtain in the office and then a bathroom. The bathroom has small brass hardware on the window. When I was looking around it was hard to find hardware I thought would work well. I ended up with brass cafe rod holders and a plain wooden dowel. I really like the simplicity. I left my phone in the car since a retreat was in progress and so I don't have photos.

    I then went back to the 4 windows with the center caretaker and we talked it through (whispered it through). I am using simple cafe curtain hardware and a wooden dowel. I feel really good about the plan, and I am going to go back Monday night with the curtains. The manager said the retreat will be done so there will be extra food too.

    Thank you friends, much metta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe Girl View Post
    I have been working on these curtains for a retreat center since i went last summer. The curtains bugged the crap out of me, they were on broken rods and had other issues. So I talked to the people who run the place and started on the project. I went up with some and got a request for a special curtain. I also wanted to do 4 rooms with simple 50X50 windows. I am going up tomorrow morning.

    So I have the long window ready, the hardware for the 3rd bathroom, and the super special curtains. I got the hardware for the 4 other windows and some fabric with a 50% off coupon. It was 13 yards so I cut it into panels before pre-washing with 9 inches for the top pocket and hem, planning on a 1 inch rod.

    It shrunk, not just a little but a LOT. 5 inches each panel. Which means I need to do some major creative moves to make them work. I had the project at work because I needed a really large table. I went to work early and was able to do over an hour of sewing. I still had some tonight when I measured the fabric to figure the hem and realized it was too short now.

    I talk about all the exciting creative things I do, and I don't share how nervous I am when I do projects like this. I don't know if they will like the fabric or style or hardware at the retreat center. I am not sure anyone will notice the work that went into it. And then if something doesn't work it takes such a long time for me to get back up there. I know that anything they needed that was very specific we did talk about. I manage my depressive episodes pretty well but I also have been having a low week that I am working with.
    May I ask how you resolved this? I can see you were concerned about people's acceptance as well as the material now being less than needed. I know it's been a while, and i just started posting here.

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    All I can say is "Rats!" You must feel very deflated. I get nervous doing things for someone else like that too, then if not done well, (or perfect) I'll dwell on it until I'm ready to go off the deep end. So I get ya.
    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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