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Thread: Solstice to Lammas!

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    I am doing better with the budget.

    Work is okay. My de facto supervisor has zero tolerance for errors, but I make few and mostly it is other people irritating her. She is going to take a day off but have the retiree come in I feel basically to babysit me, the same retiree on whose last day the cash drawer was off $100.00. It has balanced since she left. My manager knows that DeFacto makes mountains out of molehills and I am not concerned, just annoyed. He is very easygoing.

    I am a little better at my diet, but free food at work is a carb heavy downfall.

    Due to the continued heat I am on behind on weeding but did get in an hour this morning.

    BFF has blown me off all summer with stupid excuses so I told her I had a gift I am sending her and what is the best address. That will be going out Monday. Then she acted all hurt that we are not doing something. I reminded her of the times I have tried. Once she actually said, "I have to clean my fridge." Time to make some new friends.

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    Ontario, Canada
    Yesterday July 13th gardening was a no go
    Very hot and humid till about 3:00, then heavy rain and thunderstorm,
    and then out came the mosquitoes. Hoping for better today.
    --did get out long enough to wash down front door and side windows and
    shine then up. I am close to a busy street so it won't last long front
    entrance looks better like I have a little pride in home.
    --sewed 3 more napkins.
    --Posted a small table ironing board and Wooden Tailors press on Kijiji
    (Can't remember when I used either last)
    --made up a large pot of chicken vegetable soup for freezer stuff,
    using up and good for the weight loss too.

    Was at my first Physio Therapy appt Fri. mostly for
    knees but, back too and his point is I should be adapting and motivating my activities if
    I want to keep doing them. Of course strengthening muscles for more support of
    joints. So what I am trying here of doing different things in short spurts is a very good plan
    for keeping active.

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