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Thread: I am JUMPING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gardnr View Post
    Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

    I did it! I resigned and I only gave the required 28 days notice. Not giving the extra week. I've gifted my employer enough hours in 9.5 years of salaried work. They probably "owe' me about 3000 hours so I'm not gifting them an extra week! Yesterday, I started teaching staff some of things I do because "I'd love for you to learn this" far they are biting!...evil aren't I? And I'm clearing my in-process projects to hopefully leave a clean office. Clearing out old files that no longer apply to my book of business. etc etc. Today I'll be copying some non-proprietary items that I've always had at work instead of home. My ethics are intact

    I've told my siblings and a dear peer at work and that's it. Well, and ya'll cyberpals were first after hubby and I discussed. My boss wants some time to make some plans and I told her I am fine waiting until my July 19 staff meeting to go public. Then I would only have to deal with whining for 8d. My busiest and newest surgeons weren't born yet when I started my career in surgery. and they've been begging me to work until our new facility opens fall 2021 which is 6m after my planned age 60 retirement.
    It is exhilarating So yes, let the countdown begin. I have PTO scheduled noon tomorrow through July 8. So, 15.5 days left! It's all about me baby!
    i love hearing all of this! Yay!

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    SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! You will not regret your decision!

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    Thatís great news! Sometimes we need to just look out for ourselves.

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