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Thread: my dad is just a great person

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    my dad is just a great person

    It is great to have a good dad even when you have a great dad well beyond learning to drive. People tell me i am like my mom mostly but really I see myself more like my dad in sensibility and humor. A lot of straight faced joking, but not making fun of people. He also listens carefully, he doesn't always say much but he pays attention.

    I first picked them up at their hotel so we could go to dinner. My mom got me a t-shirt that I changed into. She also brought me hand me down clothes from my aunt's friend. They send me things because I sew. My dad noticed that I lost weight, I told him I lost 20 lbs over 2 years, and then he said something to the effect that he just noticed now, like he had not been paying attention. It was just nice, not a negative towards him or me.
    Right after that he told me that you can get REI to put together a package of tent, sleeping bag, all the camping gear you need. He has never camped and never wants to. We chatted about that.
    We went to dinner and he told me his business idea, total straightfaced joke idea. I relate to it 100%, I won't share the idea in case someone wants to take it. We talked about his book, he has a title and first sentence for the last decade. It is coming along nicely, he has been distracted by the business idea of course. I talked about the food truck and my mom came into the conversation to point out all the ways it wouldn't work, and I 'fussed' back at her. Kinda typical with my mom and I, at one point over the weekend I told her she was treating me like I don't know anything (kindly of course)
    At dinner the next night he brought up the laws against women's bodies! We had a short conversation about it, but I very much appreciate that he understands what an issue it is.

    This morning he sent a text saying that we should put his hat business on the back of my food truck! That hit a great spot for me,

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    That's great that you have such a good relationship with your dad. Sounds like a nice visit with both of your folks.

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    He sounds like a Renaissance Man....I sure miss my Dad. Good for you!
    My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished two bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already!

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    That’s awesome Zoe. I had a wonderful dad that I was very close too. He has been gone for 26 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Thatís awesome Zoe. I had a wonderful dad that, I was very close too. He has been gone for 26 years.
    Me too! My father has been dead for 25 years. He was a great dad.

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