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Thread: July Frugals!

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    I was actually in need of a few summer tops (it hit 99 yesterday). I got 3 for $9.95 each. Super happy. I got 2 more for $15 each. In this heat tops don't get a 2nd wear day d/t sweaty/smelly. I have 3 t-shirts as well, so I can still do minimal laundry loads.

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    Frugal lesson for me: I didn't plant basil this spring, and I've had to buy basil that was pretty sorry from the grocery store twice recently, for the price of $2.69/bunch. The basil I bought Friday was so sad I had to throw it away unused on Sat, so nothing frugal about that!
    I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and bought a beautiful robust basil plant for $3.99. It gave me plenty for my recipe yesterday, but I plan to nurture the plant and it will hopefully keep me in basil for the rest of the season. Will have to remember not to skip the basil next spring!
    BTW: the recipe was something I was bringing to a cookout, and it is mini capreses on a stick. You thread a grape tomato, basil leaf and tiny mozzarella ball on a toothpick, and drizzle olive oil, add salt and pepper and balsamic if you wish. They are cute, easy and delicious!

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    I’ve been doing better at using and putting up the CSA veggies.

    We’ve been eating a lot of cold soups, zucchini last night. Second time I’ve made this, and it’s just about where I want it to be. Also putting aside food in the freezer: zucchini soup base, veggie casserole, veggies to be cooked in a pie with rice, etc. what drove me week before last was knowing spinach would be unavailable soon. This week it was zucchini and summer squash.

    We’ve been blowing our food budget too. One big problem is bread, because who wants to bake in the midst of a heat wave? I talked about, but we didn’t manage, to freeze about 6 mini loaves, before the heat of summer. That’s next year’s plan!

    We had had stir fry this past week and I made a double batch of rice. We ate part of the 2nd batch in a salad with fresh peas. Peas are another thing I need to get set aside, ASAP. And I need to make carrot pancakes sometime soon too, there’s 2 bunches of carrots languishing in the fridge.

    My little freezer is already stuffed and it isn’t even the end of July yet! The convertible unit is supposed to be switched back from fridge to freezer at the end of August, I wonder if we’ll make it? One job I need to do is ruthlessly go through the freezer, yet again...

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