Apparently there are people who follow linkedin as closely/often as I follow facebook. My new employer put out a press release about my hire yesterday. I didn't think anything of it. Last night I forgot to put my phone on do not disturb. (of all the nights to forget that...) Starting at 6:00 this morning my phone began buzzing every few minutes with notifications from people congratulating me because the article about it in Insurance Journal was in their feed.

It appears that I'm the only person in insurance who doesn't obsess about industry news. And also the only one who doesn't typically get up and start working at 6:00 every morning... Is this normal and I'm just out of touch? On the plus side the press release achieved its goal. My new employer looks like a heavy hitter and is getting attention for a major strategic initiative. Now I just need to figure out how to turn this publicity splash into success for both me and my employer by writing some new business. Woohoo.