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    I've never quite figured out what LinkedIn is supposed to be, and I'm not sure they have either.

    I've half-jokingly referred to it as "Facebook for working people" as they've added "Likes" and kept adding non-work "features" to a work networking site (for some reason an ad selling fancy refurbished boats keeps popping up in my feed even though it has nothing to do with my interests). LI is not comprehensive enough to serve as a business news site, it's too reliant on "influencers", and they don't heavily support what I consider to be one of the prime reasons it should exist: connecting people you know well enough to vouch for when someone else asks.

    I have had success using LinkedIn to find members for a non-profit board of directors, though I was hampered by their "shotgun" approach -- it's easy to spray a lot of little hits around; it's much harder to make a clean bullseye. Our non-profit has some residence and experience requirements; LI's volunteers section is not granular enough to help me identify even which end of town you lived in or what experience a candidate might have had in the desired field. But it worked better than word-of-mouth.

    Now that I'm retired, I too, wonder what to do with my LI account. I know some of my peers have marked themselves as retired, but that seems as purposeful as a vegan visiting a Brazilian steakhouse -- it raises the question of why you're even there. After so long I don't think I could respond to an inquiry about whether my connection Sanjay would be any good at helping the inquirer's Web security firm. He was fine when I worked with him years ago; but what he's done since? *shrug*
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    I've used Linked In to find people I might know at companies I've considered working at, or when I've had interviews to see if we have any people in common. Other people mostly do it for self promotion imo. Whatever. I have myself marked as retired, but I'm still interested in what former co workers are up to from time to time.

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