I'm a minimalist by nature except for my wardrobe. I've cleaned it out so many times, only to fill it up again. The problem is, I get bored wearing the same things. I'm retired so I don't need a career wardrobe, but sweaters and tee shirts keep finding their way into my uncluttered closet.

We downsized last year and I did a major cleanout. Once I got to our new condo, I started missing some things I sold or donated. I found some identical items on eBay, and others I bought online or in stores (way too many).

The thing is, I hate a crowded closet but I love variety.

I know all the rules: get rid of items that no longer fit, are worn out, aren't flattering, etc... Right now I no longer have anything like that.

But...there is an 80% chance we will be moving once again, this time to a warmer climate. I could probably part with half my woolens, but I don't know which ones I will miss.

Any advice?