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Thread: improved new week

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    improved new week

    I hope it is okay to update now and then during a challenging stretch.

    Today started better, I was in training most of the day and then was able to shop with plenty of time. So I did NOT lose track of anything paperwork related. I got a call that we had lice at site while I was at training. Yuck. I picked up laundry to do at home when I dropped off shopping since I can wash in super hot water at home.

    I am pretty excited about our new registration system and I feel confident about it (my last district also made this change last year). What was really nice though was my sup asked how I was doing. I tried to just say fine and ask how she was with some stressful things lately. She kept the focus on how I was doing and said she noticed that last week was difficult. It was in a good way, not pressured to share more than I wanted to. I am actually tearing up a little. I shared that this week is hard because Saturday is the 7th anniversary of the Aurora shooting, she replied that they have my back. Feels good,

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    I am glad work is being supportive. We are not drones.

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