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Thread: Two questions about psych health and therapy

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetana3 View Post
    IL: I think rejection of donor would be rare for these issues unless they were clearly present and identified with past problems in this area already evident. It is also possible that the donor expressed fear in her interview and decided with the doctor that this was important. Not everyone wants to be a donor. We cannot know exactly since what is told to others is often "biased" and "bare of actual details".
    Agreed that my info is only what she told me. I think there are psych problems here but not what you mention. Potential donor is extremely, ah, involved, shall we say? in the lives of her siblings and their progeny. She exhibited annoyance that her psych report denied her ability to donate and I believe her reaction. I wouldnt be surprised if therapist picked up on the controlling, bossy, judgmental aspect of potential donor’s attitude. I also wouldn’t be surprised if recipient tipped the therapist that she doesn’t want her sister donating, it would be too difficult in their relationship.

    Reddit has some interesting discussions about family members who are being asked to donate organs and discussions of that pressure. My stance is my body my choice, asking is ok but I wouldn't donate a kidney for anyone except, possibly, my husband.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tammy View Post
    For reference, I work where the most severely mentally ill people in our state/region are treated. We have about 270 patients at any given time, and about 3-6 of them are getting ECT. It’s pretty rare.

    We just opened a TMS clinic. It’s a noninvasive alternative to ECT that looks promising.
    You healthcare professionals are verifying what my friend said, the one who was shocked that our young mutual friend took ECT.

    Of course I have only a half assed understanding of the facts and have access to only some of them, so who know what is really going on here. But it is not as though she was under talk/ drug treatment for decades before going to ECT.
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    IL, my husband is the only person besides 2 of my kids that I would donate a kidney to. Definitely not to my siblings or drug addicted son.

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