In August 2017, a few of us on this board were inspired by a video posted by George Takei. It was the story of a woman, Lakeisha Shurn, who went to the gym 100 times to try to get herself out of a rut. George Takei posted it on Facebook along with the question, "What would you like to do 100 times?"

Here's the video:

Her video was part of a larger movement online called "Give it 100" which, as far as I can tell, is now defunct.

I decided what I wanted to do 100 times was work on my fiction writing at least 30 minutes a day. The times do NOT need to be consecutive. Since I knew I would miss a lot of days here and there, I was aiming to complete my 100 days by January 15 2018, but because I wanted a certain number of the days to be one-hour or two-hour days I actually ended up doing 110 times in order to meet those goals and finished them in mid-March 2018.

Others joined in at various points - nswef has counted writing sessions too and had a lot of success with it. Chicken Lady got 30 days in her studio at one point and has also counted swimming and various housekeeping/decluttering tasks.

Anyway, if anybody else wants to join in for 20, 30, 100 or however many times of something, please do!

Doing 100 days of working on my fiction writing was so transformative for me that I am now working towards doing 100 times 9 more times (for a total of 1000 times!). I completed my second 100 in January of this year, and started my third 100 soon after. I stumbled this spring though - some tough life stuff and then a less-than-ideal work schedule - so am just now getting to session #12 on my third 100.