Saturday morning, 2 more sleeps!

I am trying to get everything done at work before I go., I am kinda over my staff. They seem to not know how to do things reasonably indepedently. (sp?) so I end up having to spell everything out, like how to clean up supplies without specific instructions (I have told them I am not that picky, just put it in the cabinet in labeled containers but I won't fuss if it is in the wrong place). We have asked them over and over to engage in quieting the children during times like attendance. Plus our problem parent said she was dropping off her child at the field trip so I stood on the sidewalk waiting for her instead of eating lunch and ended up starving. So no parents, no staff, not taking care of anyone but myself.

Meanwhile you have to eat up everything that may possibly smell and I did a good job. I have weird odds and ends, so lunch was crackers, sliced cheese, cherry tomatoes, a tablespoon of egg salad on crackers, and a trail mix of only non-allergy food. Dinner is from the salad bar at Sprouts with ice cream. Tasty and the ice cream has lots of calories to make up for lunch.