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Thread: "Be the person you needed..."

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    I got that crap about "always let the boys win" or some variation. I replied that if I lost the contest--or won--I would do it honestly. I also got not-so-subtle cues to play down my intelligence, which wasn't going to happen. My mother and I had very different perspectives on life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by herbgeek View Post
    My pay it forward is in things like dealing with my grand nieces: the oldest was telling me exactly what she wanted me to do. I said "wow are you bossy" followed up with "I like that!" and the 8 year old responded with " no one ever said that (I like that) before!". I told her to say when people call her bossy, to say "thank you" or "I am the boss". LOL.

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    I am still trying to be the person my son needs me to be and not always succeeding. Life is a work in progress.

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