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Thread: Household Debt Increased for the 19th Quarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    House of cards.
    House of cards indeed.

    People were saving more during the recession. Now, during a bull market, debt is increasing.

    I once had my own personal experience with this. When I was a stay at home mom and we were living on one income, I was super frugal, we had no debt except for the mortgage and car, and were still able to save.

    When I went back to work, we had more money than time. We also had more confidence. Gone was the mindful spending. We raised our standard of living. Somehow debt crept in. Then my husband lost his job.

    House of cards.

    That was our wake up call. We vowed never to get into that situation again. We worked hard to get out of debt and stay debt free.

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    Yes, stock market down 623 points today..... talk about a house of cards!

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