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Thread: Sheets and blanket or duvet in summer

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    I agree Catherine.

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    I have two different tog weights of duvets that snap together. In the early winter we use the higher tog on its own, then snap them together in the colder weather. In summer we use just the lighter tog one. I use a fitted bottom sheet and a standard flat sheet on top, under the duvet(s)

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    Summer: cotton sheets, top and bottom, and a quilt (I am a quilter).

    Winter: flannel sheets, a wool blanket and a quilt.

    It doesn't bother me at all to take 5 seconds to tuck in a sheet and then throw the quilt up over our pillows. And I love the weight of the wool and quilt in the winter. Makes me feel all snug as a bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    I truly hate duvets, and I've actually watched the video that pony mom shared, and it's still frustrating to me. So I keep the top sheet. I love simple white sheets and down/fake down comforters, and that's what we do. I'd rather stick a top sheet in the washer than wrestle with that extra heavy piece of bedding.
    I did a duvet with a duvet cover for a few years, and definitely concluded it was more trouble than it was worth. I use a fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, and a quilt or coverlet depending on the season. Sheets are either percale, jersey or flannel, depending on the season.

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    I pretty much always make my bed with just the bottom sheet, lately I'm using one quilt on top or none, in winter I use up to 2 blankets and a quilt. I have used a top sheet instead of a blanket/quilt on top in summer before.

    My sheets are cotton (most low thread count because it's cooler) or flannel (not that many months to use this here realistically, but in deepest winter it gets some use)
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