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Thread: Any other Barry Manilow fans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
    Better check your hearing aid!
    haha I dont have a hearing aid but I need one.

    That Manilow stuff is such Whitebread music. I wouldn't claim it back in the day, but maybe it is cool now, I dont know.

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    We always called him Barely Cantaloupe.

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    First album I ever bought (was 7? at the time/birthday money and I was finally allowed to use the record player). I remember the cover, which was of a bronze him, at the piano, and it made me think of the plastic cowboy's and indians that I played with, at the neighbors.
    I write the songs, Bandstand are two I remember. I think the next year, Disco Duck came out, and we may finally have bought the first family car with an FM radio.
    Before him, I tended to listen to Fat's Domino, Chubby Checker, other 50's stuff of my parents. I learned more about the 60's British music invasion, in the 80's. Before that, I thought the sixties were all, Surfin Bird, Please Mr. Custer, Purple People eater type of stuff.

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    Around the time Manilow was trending, I was listening to Rufus/Chaka Khan. And as I recall, Las Mocedades' Eres Tu was a particular favorite of mine. To this day, Europop is among my preferred genres, but I'm all over the map, music wise (literally).

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    I went to see him in Chattanooga in the early 90s. Great show. I like him.

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