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this is not a new story.. it only takes a few with the wrong attitude to take from all. another example is the Pebble Mine in western Alaska. its a proposed gold mine and a battle ground for alaska. it is exceptionally rich deposit of gold located on the head waters of a stream that connects to the exceptionally rich natural resource of Bristol Bay with its millions of salmon, and other wildlife. could be the largest salmon run in the enitre world. the pebble mine has a plan to build an earthen dam to hold back the poisened waste water that could potientially destroy the eco system of bristol bay. Should one small group be allowed to exploit at the risk of so much and so many???

take a look.. https://alaskaconservation.org/2019/...m-pebble-mine/

I am a hunter, a fisherman, a conservative, a naturalist, a gun person, and I vote, bring back the salmon to your streams, and fight like heck to keep them. even if they are not wild fish. destroying resources is the doom of us all.


Wow.. what a rant.. did I say all that?? lol
Thank you for your perspective. It is a shame that people are not mindful of their actions. Killing off a natural habitat in the quest for a mineral--the value of which is entirely subjective.

The commercialization of fish has wreaked havoc. I read about things like the collateral kill of a lot of fish caught in the nets when seeking sushi grade fish--it put me off sushi. Then there's shark fin soup in Asia, where they kill the shark to get the fin. It makes me want to cry.

The only good thing is, as you have pointed out, nature is very resilient up to a point. I just don't want to get to the point of no return.