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Thread: Oh, The Joys of Home Ownership...

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    IL, just saw your question. Tahoe and much of Reno is green most of the time. That’s why Nevada is no longer a haven for people with allergies and asthma. People brought their native plants with them from other states. The mountains surround Reno with some being bare and ugly and others beautiful with green and trees. Natives say it was much less green before that happened.

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    Our roof is half done, meaning they worked real hard for three days last weekend and got the new joists, plywood sheeting and waterproofing material down. We are waiting on the special order metal sheets (needed extra long lengths). This morning we woke up to rain. The new part of the roof is keeping us dry even with just the waterproofing sheets but the last third of the roof that we can't afford to get fixed right now is leaking because the rain is running under the exisiting metal sheeting (because there is no new overlay metal from the new part of the roof yet). So now we have pots and pans to catch the water in a part of the house that never leaked before... I sure hope that new metal sheeting gets here and SOON! This is the first real rain we've had in months though and we sorely need it. And what I need is patience!

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