Hello again from the Rain Forest.

Did I mention I am single? you know, there just are no single women in my neck of the woods. and any that are single are single for a reason.. I mean, I own an almost normal home with Electricity, indoor plumbing, running water and shower, internet, and one of them new fangled Microwave ovens... there is no cell service here and no tv but I do watch movies in the winter online. what the heck is a guy to do? i am NOT doing them dating sites, those are not purty. what is a fairly conservative, hunter gather'er God fearing type to do? sheesh.. mid 50's and been alone now for quite a while. kids are gone except Matthew, my autistic Pretty hi functioning autistic kid. He has his own life now in his early 20's and is rarely around I do manage his finances and such... we have breakfast and then he is gone. what is a guy to do? i still got a lot of life left and am very active. my fishing buddy is in his 70's now and is slowing down. no wonder folks take drugs and drink them selves to death.. not me. Spring, summer, and fall are super busy, and winter is recovery and hibernation. i dont much like doing stuff alone all the time and do Love the opposite sex!!!! I do know how to treat a lady.