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Thread: Anyone Have a Stainless Garden Hose?

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    Question Anyone Have a Stainless Garden Hose?

    Are they actually more robust than regular hoses? Seems we have to replace one hose or the other (have 2) every 3 years or so. Sick of that. Found the stainless hoses as a possible, one-time replacement.

    Do you have one? Does it work? Would you buy it again?


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    Never heard of them but they look intriguing. I like the no-kink feature they're touting in some of the ads.
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    No, but
    I have a fabric one.

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    Never heard of stainless but bought a fabric one after tiring of lugging around the heavy vinyl one. The fabric one is interesting because it inflates and deflates when you turn the water on/off. Very lightweight and easy to use.

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    I bought a fabric one just recently which expands from 25 to 50 feet with water pressure. It is light and compact. Not sure about its obsolescence though. I bought some special quality hose some time ago, more than 3 years for sure, but they so kink and are so heavy. Worked well otherwise.
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