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Thread: Flying Squirrels Found to Fluoresce

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    Flying Squirrels Found to Fluoresce

    Professor Jon Martin of Northland College in Ashland WI has published in the Journal of Mammalogy his observations that flying squirrels' abdominal and pectoral fur glows pink under UV radiation.

    Martin had read that certain frogs in Argentina fluoresced under black light. He wanted to see if the tree frogs native to northern WI would do so. In his back yard he set up UV lamps and a motion-activated camera.

    Several tree frogs came and went, but their photographs were unremarkable. Then one night a flying squirrel landed on the bird feeder containing sunflower seeds. Whirr! Click! The flying squirrel in the frame had a hot pink tummy and jowls.

    Martin made inquiries into the tummy fur of all three species of flying squirrel in North America. They ALL fluoresce in black light.

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    That is interesting!

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