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Thread: Help with picture transfer from iPhone to computer.

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    Help with picture transfer from iPhone to computer.

    I know how to do it. Unfortunately, I wait so long to transfer them that it takes awhile.
    But.....I'm running into transferring pics that end up having letters in front of the IMG numbers for the images, and also a weird brown box of something in the corner of each pic when it goes to my computer images.
    Any idea what those letters mean? or that little brown box in the corner of the image? If I had already transferred a particular image before, it usually asks me if I want to transfer it again or replace it. I say no. But with these with certain images, it doesn't ask that (even though I have already transferred them in the past).......but goes ahead and transfers them with letters in front of the IMG numbers.

    Is that clear as mud? haha I hope you understand what I'm asking.

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    What make is your computer? I have an Apple computer, Macbook Air, and my iPhone photos automatically share once in the same location with access to wifi.
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