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Thread: What don't you need?

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    Glasses, like regular drinking glasses. We use mugs. We do have small glasses for booze and there are still a few wine glasses in the drink cabinet. But when they break? I donít replace them. Actually, that seems like a good culling target come to think of it.

    TV and a VCR we rent movie via iTunes or go out. The ďgo outĒ happens once a year, or less.

    A business wardrobe, since we work at home.

    Fancy china.

    pajamas. I use long johns or leggings and a t shirt Iíll use otherwise.

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    I probably have quite a few things that I don't need and really should get rid of, but it's at least being slowly addressed.

    One other thing I don't need is restaurants. I did restaurant work for a couple of years, and now really don't like being waited on now for some reason. Since trying to go off meat, it's really hard to eat out and get decent food. I have a couple of social groups that meet for restaurant meals maybe once a month and I don't look forward to it.

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