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Thread: My new closet cleaning solution

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    My new closet cleaning solution

    I posted earlier about my conflict of wanting a spare minimal closet yet craving variety in my wardrobe. I received lots of good responses ranging from creating a capsule wardrobe to just giving in to my love of variety.

    I think I've found a simple solution based on Courtney Carver's Project 333.

    I went through my closet and chose only those items that I wear regularly and boxed up everything else. This gives my closet the spare, clean look I love, yet if I find I'm missing a certain item, I can always go back and retrieve it. Previously, I would sell or donate the item, only to find out one day that it was the very thing I wanted to wear, then would frantically search eBay for an exact copy. What a waste of time and money.

    I can rotate items from the boxes, or purge with more confidence if I find out a couple of years have gone by without wearing an item.

    I'm hoping this will curb my desire to shop for more since I will now be able to "shop" in my boxes.

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    That’s a great idea!

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    FANTASTIC approach to your dilemma. You will surely learn about what you really desire over the next year :-)

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    I really like this idea and I just might try it!

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    I do similar but mainly because my closet is only 2.5 ft wide. Tiny thing. I have to rotate seasonal. If I don't wear in a season it's donated.
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