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Thread: Reviving stiff tee shirts

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    Reviving stiff tee shirts

    I live in tee shirts during the warmer months and am trying to get as much life out of them while I'm on my "no clothing purchase" year.

    I only buy 100% cotton, because those are most comfortable for me. I have a few favorites that are stiff, but fine otherwise - no holes, stains, etc. For awhile I thought it was our water, since we had a well, but we moved to a condo with city water, and I noticed some my cotton knits still get stiff.

    I tried fabric softener and tumble drying them on the delicate cycle, but no luck.

    Maybe it's the quality of cotton. Any ideas on reviving them?

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    I'm intrigued by the problem, as usually, cotton gets softer when washed. I line dry so things are stiff, but a few minutes in the dryer takes care of that. Did you try a different detergent? We make our own and have no problems.

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    I use organic detergent and no softener. I line dry t-shirts. They soften quickly after we put them on. I've done this for or expensive, it doesn't seem to matter.

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