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Thread: So tired of people complaining I donít keep in touch

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    So tired of people complaining I donít keep in touch

    Iíve got some non-diving friends I donít see much from April to late October due to bring gone diving. They constantly bellyache I donít keep in touch. The occasional voice mail (I rarely get them on the phone), text, email, short letter, or postcard is not good enough. These folks arenít on FB, which is fine for me. I rarely get any sort of response from them. Suggestions to meet for coffee for a bit to chat get - crickets. Nada.

    Iím done. One gal had the nerve to complain to me face to face when I saw her in a group with others a few weeks ago. I proceeded to pull out my phone and show her when I had sent her unanswered texts or emails. She said sheís been busy. I said we all are, but donít complain Iím not keeping in touch when I am. The ball is in her court and I told her so.

    Chaps my arse.

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    Sounds like you have it under control, and I hope you can continue to see your friends when its convenient for both parties

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