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Thread: Being single, filling gaps

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    Being single, filling gaps

    As you all know I have been single a long time. Mostly I get to do things I want to do, some solo and some I have found friends to them with. Well today I saw the coolest skirt ever! I almost stopped her in Starbucks to ask for a picture. That relates to this because one thing I miss is dressing up and going to dinner. I do that when my parents come out, it is different with them. They wear jeans every day and mostly with birkenstocks.

    I am thinking of asking a friend or 2 to go to dinner. Also if I make the skirt in black I can wear it as a cowgirl witch for halloween

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    I went out to dinner with a female friend today. She is retired and has the time which other friends of mine don't.

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    I think many married people also do not get dressed up and go out to fancy restaurants. Many of us can no longer afford to drop 50-100 dollars on one meal.
    But one could certainly dress up and wear a nice skirt and go out for a casual coffee or dinner, if one found it pleasing it wear a skirt.

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    On our anniversary we go to a musical show at one of the casinos and a nice restaurant. We get dressed up.

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    I think we've reached the point in time (and age), to wear whatever want to anywhere. We've been all dressed up and at dinner next to a table of folks in jeans. As well, we've been in jeans when others are dressed up. I think it just doesn't matter. Wear what you want when and where you want.

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