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Thread: Reducing use of plastics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Gard, so I assume you don’t throw food in your garbage?
    Veg/fruit waste goes in compost. Meat fat/bone waste does go in the garbage.

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    I don't live there anymore but the city of Austin has curbside composting. They accept meat, bones, fish scraps along with yard waste and food scraps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmerullo View Post
    There are poo bags made of a plant based starch. I wonder if the purpose of those bags is to pick up the dog waste when it's located in an exposed area (well traveled sidewalk or roadside) and then toss it to a place where it can break down, like the brush of nonresidential lots? It's a thought that didn't occur to me until i read this thread
    Outwardly that does not seem like a good idea. I could see it being a big problem if everyone starting doing that. I have camped in some pretty remote locations and the standard back country rule is to carry a small trowel or shovel and bury human waste. Some of the more popular National Parks have a big poop problem and have proposed packing it out as a requirement. I suppose if you lived way out in the boonies, it might work. It seems acceptable for livestock in open grazing lands.

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