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Thread: Gosh-Darned Wrists!

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    Now the big thing is to mentally prepare myself for not being able to do things with my hands. I have already cut out guitar-playing (just can't do it, it really aggravates things very fast), and fabricating sterling jewelry. I did finish everything that I wanted to finish a few weeks ago when my hands were a little better. I have finished making all my easy-to-do domino and dice earrings for $10, but I can tell my fine motor control is getting wonky even with that, trying to work my pliers. Gardening is out (pulling weeds in the desert is too tough)! I can still do a little cleaning that needs to be done if I wear the wrist braces and am very careful.

    Things to do before surgery: keep making crock pot meals for the freezer, buy a bag of those bad-for-the-environment floss picks so I can keep my teeth clean, continue to shop for ready made soups and easy stuff (I remember last year after surgery trying to make a PB & J sandwich and I couldn't figure out how to get the lids off the jars with one hand - I finally resorted to putting the jar inside my armpit to hold it)! I need to do my laundry and wash my dread locks one more time the day before surgery. K. is a huge help and will have to do pretty much everything for at least two weeks after if not more, but he goes to work very early in the morning and doesn't get back until 6pm. A friend of mine from Michigan is going to be visiting here in Madrid with her mom and their Air BnB is just down the hill from us. I am going to have her check on me a few times and help with a few things.

    But I have to go back to work somehow five days after surgery and that is going to be very hard to manage things without the use of my dominant arm. Hopefully it will be slow. Really, the main thing I fear is boredom - I am so used to making and doing things that it is going to be hard to fill the time. I can't even hold a book anymore; last night I got out my bedside lap desk and book holder I bought last year and it is a big help. I guess I'll watch a lot of Netflix. I should go to the library and get some books on tape too, but it's going to be hard to find the time to fit in all these errands in this next week during the busiest gallery season due to the Balloon Fiesta.

    Can you tell I am a little overwhelmed?

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    So sorry about your wrists, SiouzQ. I broke mine this spring and it's still quite painful, and that's nowhere near what you're experiencing - I can only imagine. I know how you feel about the insurance, though - the few times I've hit the max out of pocket, it's been at the tail end of our fiscal year and I can't cram any upcoming tests/procedures into it...

    About the flossers - THIS is the best thing I've ever purchased, although it's not too portable so I still carry toothpicks:

    I think they have them at Wal-mart, etc. The throw-away part is small, and I rinse and re-use each little floss head on mine for a week or so, generally.

    I would LOVE to see the balloon festival, it looks amazing. Hopefully when I retire we can do a little westward traveling. Good luck to you, sending as may good vibes as I can muster out your way.

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    SiouzQ, there are a bunch of adaptive devices out on the market for those with wrist and hand problems to use for every day activities. Found a bunch here that might help with some things.

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    We have a balloon festival here and it’s beautiful. They go right over our house.

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