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Thread: It's Money Monday!

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    It's Money Monday!

    This is a useful habit for us...

    We have our own personal finances which are totally joint, and we have a small LLC with its own checking account and credit card. Every Saturday my husband pays bills and balances our two checkbooks online. Every Monday I log into Paypal (which we use for the business only) and our three credit cards. I pay any cc balances that will be due in the next couple of weeks and I enter data into the program we use, one called Moneydance. We can combine both personal and work in the same account, which is specially handy when I have a list of office supplies say, from Amazon or from Walmart. I like to keep paid up on the credit cards in case the electricity were to go out for a while.

    I get this done before lunch and then we discuss how we are doing. Generally our summary is that it's a very good thing we are frugal!

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    I pay bills once a month and have many on auto pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    I pay bills once a month and have many on auto pay.
    We have everything possible on auto pay. Our insurances and property taxes are the only ones that we pay "manually". LOVE this!

    I balance our books once a month after our CC statement is ready.

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