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Thread: October frugals

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    We purchased 2 pork butts on sale a few weeks ago for $1.88/#. Saturday they became Kahlua pork for a tailgate party and hubby made 2 flavors of BBQ sauce. Well, less than half was consumed. Soooo, we vacuum sealed the pork and put it in the freezer. Dinner is ready for the next tailgate too! Just need to make more Bourbon BBQ sauce-it was almost gone!

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    Thatís great Tybee! Big dog beds cost a fortune. When my big guy died I gave the bed to our neighbors who donít have much money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybee View Post
    Priced two nice dog beds from LL Bean at 169 a piece. Remembered memory foam topper I bought for 5 dollars at a church rummage sale. Was going to buy denim at Walmart but when he went to ring it up, it was 8 dollars a yard not the 5 dollars I thought. Said no thanks and went home and realized I could use the 5 dollar velour blanket I bought for trips to my parents house where it is cold and dirty. Turned blanket and topper into two dog beds with memory foam, zero new dollars spent, 10 old dollars realized in value.
    This was a giant win!

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